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Founded in 1982, we've evolved and excelled in every aspect of graphic arts and reproduction to the present day's digital magic. We bring the fundamentals to bear in our work, our "secret" sauce.

Today our focus is dye-sublimation in grand format. The color, the look-and-feel and the versatility of fabric has inspired us to focus on becoming the go-to source for this unique and beautiful product.

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These are our primary fabric offerings. All are 100% polyester and certified flame resistant. They are washable and wrinkle resistant.

  • Blockout: For our free-standing SEG frames, or for pieces that will be stapled over a frame or structure. Prevents shadows showing through.
  • Heavy Knit (similar to"Samba") This is made in the USA by Aberdeen and is slightly heavier at 8.5oz. and more luxurious than typical 'Samba' heavy knit. Excellent for drapery, free-hanging drops and table throws.
  • "Simplicity" economy knit. Also by Aberdeen, at 5 oz. it can replace heavy knit in most situations with very similar characteristics but with more light transmission and at less cost.
  • Backlit. A premium woven product. Very dense weave allows for deep saturated color, black blacks and with no pinholes of light.
  • Biodegradable. This is an exciting new product for us. It is designed to degrade in a landfill in approximately 1 year. This is a light weight fabric perfectly suitable for many normal display uses where opacity is not required.
  • Flag: This is a very open weave, semi transparent mesh. So-called "flag" because the image printed on the first surface is quite visible from the backside because of the high light transmission. It has a gauzy effect that can be quite interesting.


These are our most common finishing methods (other than simply a raw cut edge). We can also handle custom fitting to a structure or other special needs.

  • Hems and pole pockets. Please specifiy the pole diameter. We refer to a "3" pole pocket" as the width of the pocket folded flat. 6" of circumference. (a 1.5" pole diameter will fit comfortably, a 2" pole is very tight)
  • SEG, (Silicone Edge Graphic), is a strip of silicone sewn around the perimeter which is inserted into an SEG frame. The result is a tautly stretched edge to edge graphic. Very popular for its ease of installation and high end look.
  • Velcro; 2" or 1" width in black or white.
  • Pillowcase; Special for certain frame systems, two sides with a zipper or velcro closure on one edge.


SEG frames have taken over the exhibition world because they look great, are easy to assemble and then anyone can punch in the fabric to produce a super high end finished display in minutes.

  • Free-standing: Sturdy modular frames can be built to almost any conceivable size for stage backgrounds, step and repeat or scenic photo backgrounds, room dividers and creative decorative room transformation. We also have a large rental iinventory!
  • Backlit Frames; Extra glorious with the addition of low voltage LED internal lighting.
  • Structures: Build complete rooms, surrounds and room dividers with our modular systems.

UV Direct:

Printing direct to any flat substrate up to 2" thick. Roll-media any length up to 86" wide.

HP Latex:

Eco-friendly latex ink provides great color and durability. Used for vinyl wraps and print-to-cut graphics.


Shape-cutting, machining and carving of everything from aluminum to foam to fabric using our 3-head system. 5' x 10' capacity.

No Surprises!

Our standard procedure is to find out out everything possible about the eventual installation; location, method of hanging, sizing, viewing distance, branding guidelines, lighting and more. We like to see drawings or make drawings up front. If artwork is ready, we inspect it, if not, we will discuss what is needed and can help with most situations.

We then propose a solution and estimate the cost. If approved, we obtain a credit card as security and hold that until completion of job, (credit card may be substituted for another form at this time.)

Artwork is either supplied good-to-go, created or made-ready. Upon approval we will produce a pdf proof showing all relevant details for you to double-check and sign off on. If a physical proof has been ordered, we'll produce that before proceeding.

With all approvals completed, production is typically one week, but this can vary with workload, special considerations for the particular job or special material orders. Rush orders are usually possible, these will incur 50-100% additional cost and only available when schedule permits.

We'll also make delivery arrangements. We can ship by FedEx, UPS or other method by request. We often use a courier for quick and reliable delivery. Will call is at 2140 Cesar Chavez, SF. CA 94124, please call ahead.


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