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December 14, 2022

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Up and free-cycling our waste fabric

We print a lot of fabric and we're always looking for ideas to put it to use. We did donate a truckload of fabric to the San Francisco Zoo for the primates to roll around in, (Gorilla marketing?). But we still need more ideas (and consider this an invitation to suggest anything).

Our latest fun and useful diversion has been to sew up shopping bags. We have really nice quality fabric, so the result is quite high end in the world of shopping bags.

There are two sources for nice fabric. Up-cycling a previously used fabric pattern, color or random section can create interesting designs. Second option is to print new designs on brand new fabric in the free space that occurs on print runs that don't use the full width of the roll.

We did the bag shown in the cover photo for this post using that method. The art is from the free library and pays homage to our name and purpose, making a mark on the landscape. Want one? Let us know!

We've been putting your banner orders into one of these bags. (Ones that will fit!). Our hope is that they'll see lots of use for years to come!

an up and a free-cycled shopping bag

If you have any interest in a shopping bag project, let us know. We'd be up for helping out a good cause with another good cause.

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