Coal and Ice Exhibition

Custom construction

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The Coal+Ice exhibition was staged at the Kennedy Center in a massive temporary structure requiring a massive graphic covering an entire wall. This stunning image was 100 feet wide by 35 feet tall. Extensive work was performed to both custom fit the structure, and hold up to high winds that frequent the Potomac in Spring.

What we've done

1. Consult, test and design a method.

2. Extensive pre-press and production planning.

3. Print the fabric.

4. Cutting and sewing, special rope keder, nylon reinforcement, velcro attachments, pole and skirt attachments.

5. Construct second giant blank layer for inside blackout and wind load reinforcement.

6. Ship and wait to hear how well it went. (It fit perfectly:)

Image of 100 x 35 foot fabric graphic
photo by margot schulman


This project required a new level of research and planning. The wind patterns during that time of year, the specifics of attachment. Reinforcements and ties and above all FIT. It needed to come out of the box and feed into its channels and fit the structure perfectly, there was no running back to the shop or on-site tailoring. Needless to say this was a challenge and we are proud to say that it fit. It lasted. and it was a big hit!

Scenic asked as to help

— Fulfill a unique graphic situation

— Engineer and produce a gigantic specially constructed outdoor graphic

— Match their bold vision to the look and performance

— Provide a unique product in an inflexible timeline, the show must go on!


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