Jos.A Banks Photo Backdrops

SEG Frame

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Full frame background images provided the illusion of a New England home, a harbor, a main street, a fancy living room wall and more for a commercial shoot involving still and live action photography. Our grand format fabric stretched tight on our rental SEG frames made this major component easy and economical.

What we've done

1. Proofing and color tests

2. Print and production

3. Prepare fabric frames

4. Receive positive feedback:)

Fabric is perfect for photography; amazing color and soaks up the light, no hot spots.

Rising to the challenge

Photography is unforgiving and requires extra care to be just right on the day. Landmark has worked with the film industry since our earliest days and we've gained a reputation for rising to that challenge.

The shoot was a success and our backdrops provided played a stand out performance in a supporting role.


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